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Annual revenues of $150,000,000 and above

Webster’s dictionary describes as Juggernaut as “a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path”

Our CEO, LaDawn Townsend, describes the goal of every business as ‘having a fiscal responsibility of being a financial resolute company” however the question is ‘how do you succeed in this’? Through our Advisory Services and VOS University, our team of Strategic Advisors works with Founders and their teams to create a sustainable strat plan that delivers on your company brand promise while also positioning you as to the go-to expert within the industry.

Need to pivot the company to align with financial turmoil or economic shifts? The systems we build, ranging from Sales, Process, Marketing & Leadership, are designed to grow with the organization and align to changes within the business model. Are you up for the challenge of not only accelerating your company but experiencing transformation in the process?

Why does this happen?

We have found that companies in the growth mode do not reach revenues above $150M due to some of the factors below. 

  • Overcomplicated sales process.
  • An unclear plan for fiscal advancement 
  • Misaligned or lack of effective talent in the right roles with unclear responsibility metrics in place
  • Systems, structures, and technology not enabled to grow with the organization
  • Leaders and teams working as silos leading to miscommunication, analysis paralysis, and employee conflict 
  • Repeat investments in consultants, firms, experts, conferences, workshops, team events and more with a motivational experience however lacking ROI

Through our Advisory Services and VOS University we engage with Founders and their teams to explore how to grow the bottom line while keeping the organization structurally secure in all areas ranging from Sales, Marketing, Operations, Leadership and Technology.