Success Stories


Case studies to support sustainable growth for your people, business processes and profitability and more.

Business Process Improvement for Profit Training

An independent study found that companies, on average, lose significant profits due to misaligned and outdated internal business processes.

Our analysis has revealed that outdated and misaligned processes can account for 25% or more of lost profits.

In this 45-minute training, LaDawn Townsend, CEO of VOS Ventures, will share with you how to improve business processes to increase profitability along with insights from our recent case study. 

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Increasing Profitability During Turbulent Markets

As companies explore avenues to increase cash flow, attract new customers and investors alike the strategy will require a change of methodology and approach to navigate the market conditions.

During this session, we will share with you data analysis completed from the VOS 2021 Economic Outlook projections for the global marketplace along with the priority areas your organization should focus on for sustainable growth.

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Race to the Boardroom

Exploring the History of Race Relations and Revenue in America

A free training for business leaders navigating diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations.

Watch our training special “Race to the Boardroom – taking the discussion beyond diversity and inclusion to address the core issues that can impact people, profit and communities”.

-How do I identify people or policies within my company that may have not provided an even playing field for all?

And most importantly, “What do we do now? How do we impact change?

I don’t know what I don’t know. Where do I start?

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