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How to Effectively Enforce Performance Standards

LaDawn Townsend | June 11, 2020

You have standards and expectations for your company.

Communicating these standards to your team ensures there is understanding all around of both the larger goals for the organization and the personal objective team members serve in their roles. Here are two tips to keep in mind when enforcing and evaluating performance standards.

First, hold team members accountable for the task, role, and responsibilities within their role. This is achieved by making sure team members entirely understand their task, role, and objective. Their objective includes not just their own day-to-day roles, but it also includes how their role directly supports the organization. Clarity on their place within the organization allows them to see the full picture, so that they see all that they impact, not just what they impact in their particular position.

Second, when the employee review is conducted and the team member discovers they are performing differently than expected, it should not be a shock to them. When this happens, it usually stems from what can be thought of as workplace dis-communication, meaning there’s a disconnect in the communication. This can be avoided through the team member understanding the standards of the organization, beyond a basic mission statement or motto, but to embrace a holistic team member standard. Do not wait for employee reviews in order to communicate these standards. This should be laid out. Measure the performance based on what the performance should be.

This should not be specific to the person in the role, but instead specific to the role itself.

 Encouraging team members to see their place in the larger and smaller picture within your organization and communication of expectations for their particular role contributes to developing performance standards within your company.


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