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Defining Customer Service Standards

LaDawn Townsend | June 17, 2020

How do you determine customer service standards for your business? Here are a few tips.

First, identify your clients. This contains two layers. The first includes customers who are giving referrals, reviews, and feedback to your organization. The second is the potential clients you can impact with your service or product. You can reach both of these categories of clients if you and your team are reaching out proactively. Contact these perspective and current clients, ask what else your company can do to provide great service, and be willing to receive the feedback.

Second, everyone in your business should be involved with customer service and sales. The customer experience begins in the sales conversation. All departments should be striving for increased sales, since that is what is driving your business above all else.

The way to maintain employees who are able to sell boils down to setting a sales culture standard. Communication and providing customer requests constitute customer service, but if each employee has strategies and systems in place in order to upsell, you have just increased your chances of selling at a higher rate.

Third, the client experience is only partly being told with words; the rest can be told with what is not being said. Look deeper to discover your clients’ needs. Your clients are looking towards you to decide the next step for them. Help them by observing what actions they do and do not take. You have analyzed the feedback you’ve been given, but you can go a step further by focusing your attention on what they are not saying and recognizing the gaps there? Are they not referring you to others? Are they not consistently renewing their contracts? Look between the lines for the whole story on your client experience. 


LaDawn Townsend is the CEO of VOS Group a strategic advisory firm that delivers systems to grow your bottom line. The area of speciality are: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Leadership Development and Market Expansion. 

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