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We are industry experts in growing your bottom line.

About the company

Hello I’m LaDawn, CEO of VOS & the secret weapon in the next level of success for your company.

After over twenty years of being a ‘fixer’ for some of the top Fortune 100 global companies here is what I have found:

  • Pivot – The recent economic crisis require a complete pivot and new strategy plan
  • Security – You are facing the need to sustain a long term work from home team however your concerned about security breaches

  • Operations- There is a poor hand off once the sale is closed creating a mismanaging of revenue and a disjointed experience for your customer

  • Revenue- Sales need to increase however both buyers and investors are more cautious now than before

  • Employees- This experience is leading to clients renewing their contracts, negative reviews and overworked employees

What we know About You

You’ve paid consultants for a strategic plan and the result is that you are now left with a binder of ideas without a clear plan of what to do next or the support needed to execute the plan.

Through our proven 21 points Strategy System our team at VOS will take your company from scattered operations and systems to a company ready to scale.

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