7 Keys for CEOs to Reshape Company Culture

7 Keys for CEOs to Reshape Company Culture

Virtual Executive Roundtable

When: Thursday, January 6, 2022

Time: 9AM EDT (2PM GMT/730PM IST)
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Duration: 60-minutes, including a live Q&A

What we will discuss:

The future state of a company’s culture is a rising concern that keeps many CEOs up at night. 

In a time post, the introduction of COVD-19 CEOs unanimously is voicing concern about the future state of their company. The theme of the top concerns is the opposite of what surveys have shown in the past with market share and profit margins being the top contenders at that time. The concerns now range from dwindling talent within key executive roles to, lack of confidence in the performance of mid-level and front-line employees in addition to being innovative in how they help clients. 

When the culture is out of alignment so are the profits. The profitability of a company begins and ends with culture. Culture starts at the top and when executed effectively is the cornerstone of profitability. To have profitability requires people and processes and the forerunner to all of this is for the company to be purpose-driven.

During this session designed for CEOs of mid-market to large enterprise organizations, you will learn the 7 keys to reshaping company culture to enlist employees into the vision of the company so that the targets can be met.


Who should attend:


CEOs & Presidents

Board of Directors

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