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Our team of experts have been trusted by organizations from around the globe to deliver strategies for sustainability and growth
Where do we begin?

Shifting our thinking about profitability.

"It is our job to see a bigger vision of possibilities for your organization. And, next we show you how to reach it. "

LaDawn Townsend, CEO & Founder

VOS Group was launched in 2014 as a result of our founder, LaDawn Townsend, being a part of a department-wide layoff that ended her twenty-plus year corporate career in Finance & Technology.

In the moments that followed the VOS Group was launched with one purpose, ‘to help leaders have sustainable organizations that did not have to rely on layoffs to remain profitable’. Our firm has now grown as a woman, minority-owned start-up to serving clients globally with an established international presence. From live events in Miami, private client workshops, and our signature market expansion service the VOS team are go-to experts for profitability and growth.

25% increase in revenue for clients
$ 0
$1M in payroll savings
What we believe

We don't just think outside the box we create a entirely new one

We believe that success is a collaborative effort that requires us to not think outside of the box but to create a new one.

We believe in building relationships and not transactions and that starts with finding the right fit solution for your organization.

What we are known for

We deliver a fresh experience to the traditional consultant model

We keep pushing them and they come out with flying colors....They are very flexible, brainstorm with us and provide the data we need"

Tarun Suni, Director Bizongo (India)


How would having a trusted advisor, available to support your goals, impact your organization? Sometimes it isn’t execution or new systems that your organization first needs to focus on in order to sustain and grow, it all first starts with a strategy. Our Advisory services support you in reaching the short and longer term goals.


A strategic partner that locks arms with you to deliver the results your organization needs that is the essence of our 'Done with You' services. From Business Process Improvement, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Employee Performance and more we provide private support to transform an area of your business.


Do you like the ability to go at your own pace while getting the support you need when you are ready? Our VOS University is designed with a wide range of on-demand training for Founders, Senior Executives & Teams

Over 30 years of growth strategy experience
7 years in business serving global clients
what you need

Experts with proven results

Your organization is successful and you know that the possibilities for growth are endless what you require are experts that deliver a custom approach to reach new heights with sustainable results.

50% reduction in operating expenses
Increased customer satisfaction score

Our Capabilities


Employee Culture, Policy & Standards

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Talent Retention & Planning

These are just a few of the areas that can be transformed and support throughout your organization. 


How would a 30% increase in profits change your organization? 

Through our proprietary system we enhance that bring value to your organization.



Not sure if a annual strategy plan is needed for your organization? Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Overextension in investors which adds unnecessary layers and extends the time frame for key business decisions to be made 
  • Overcomplicated sales process 
  • An unclear plan for fiscal advancement

Our Profit Plan brings simplifies how to hit your target. 

Our commitment

We believe in long term partnerships not transactions

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VOS showed us how we can use the strength of our leadership team to be a more profitable company.

Liz Whitaker, COO T. Whitaker Construction (USA)
Our Results

Sustainable results with targeted execution.

From the public sector to multinational brands and funded startups the strategies we have delivered help organizations reach their targets and be a differentiator in the market.

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